Incomplete Passes Ep 22-16 Special Guest Jake Anderson

Podcast – Opinion


James Mackey

Three J’s in the Studio! James, Jared and Jake…I seem to be outnumbered!

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Jake Anderson, former NEVN reporter, co-host of 4-Down Territory and Incomplete Passes 2.0, rejoins the team for this episode.

Jake is currently a web content editor for Arizona Sports 98.7 covering multiple ASU sports as well as Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Rising and a bit of Arizona Cardinals for good measure.

This week, Jake joins Jared Heath, James Mackey and Ole Olafson as the guys discuss what they felt were the best or worst trades leading up to Tuesday’s MLB Trade Deadline. Also on this episode, Jake and the hosts speculate as to which new Arizona Cardinals players could wind up making an impact on the team.