“I’ve got a message for Arizonans, I will protect Social Security and Medicare, period,”—Sen. Mark Kelly repeats pledge

Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly tells Arizonans that Social Security won’t be touched, in response to GOP opponent Blake Master’s touting of “privatizing” Social Security


Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Sen. Mark Kelly at an event in Sun City

Quentin LaVar, Reporter

The unpopular notion of privatizing Social Security is not a new “sell” from Republicans that have tried, unsuccessfully, to peddle the plan to America.

But for the millions who have paid into the system their entire lives and expect that their funds will be there when they become eligible—this kind of hype from Republicans for an investment and private Social Security plan relying on the stock market and other investment strategies has never been accepted, nor particularly appreciated.

Even former President, George Bush, abandoned the notion of privatization and private investment, and, after AARP, the nation’s largest retirement lobby for seniors campaigned heavily in their—“Dead Set Against Bush’s Social Security Plan,” public relations campaign against it.

Now, in the Arizona U.S. Senate race…enter Blake Masters.

A Trump endorsed venture capitalist, whose campaign is funded by right-wing investor, Peter Theil—Masters has surfaced as the GOP nominee to take on Democratic incumbent, Sen. Mark Kelly.

Masters reportedly said at a Freedom Works advocacy group event,

“We need fresh and innovative thinking, maybe we should privatize Social Security—right?”

Probably not so “right” for millions of seniors who rely on Social Security for much of their living expenses.

And Arizona seniors top the list of retirees over the age of 60 and the loss of guaranteed income would be devastating to those where 90% of income comes from their Social Security benefits.

Incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly makes clear that touching Social Security is not an option.

The Kelly campaign is engaged in getting that particular message out to the seniors that are, once again, in fear of the “privatizing” rhetoric from the GOP.

“I’ve got a message for Arizonans: I will protect Social Security and Medicare. Period,” Kelly said on his campaign website and repeatedly at recent campaign events.

The U.S. Senate race in Arizona is critical to which party controls the Senate. The country is currently split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans.