Phoenix Suns bring back iconic 1992 jersey

Team celebrates 30-year anniversary of storied Finals run with purple throwback jersey


Photo courtesy of Jesse Tannous NEVN photography

An original Starter jacket of the popular design the Phoenix Suns will feature for their 2022 throwback jersey.

Jared Heath, Reporter

Prior to their 2021 NBA playoff run, the last time the Phoenix Suns had even sniffed around the finals was in 1993 when they lost to the Michael Jordan lead Chicago Bulls in six games.

That year, the suns were rocking their iconic jerseys that came in white, purple, and black, that featured a blazing basketball across the chest.  It was a unique logo that went on to become famous and iconic in its own right, long after the team abandoned the design.

Suns faithful who have always wanted the team to revisit the popular jersey style were finally rewarded.

The Sun’s announced earlier today, that they will once again dawn the purple jerseys made famous by players like Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson, in a Tweet featuring a newly re-signed Deandre Ayton modeling the new and improved jersey design that Suns fans across the globe seem to adore.

The Sun’s decision to celebrate the team’s 30-year anniversary by revisiting the beloved design comes amid other NBA teams also featuring throwback jerseys.

The Detroit Pistons will once again feature their teal jerseys with the iron horse logo on the front and the Milwaukee Bucks are bringing back their own purple throwback jersey.

It seems natural that the Suns would bring back the jersey that fans have been asking about for nearly three decades.

Some differences from the 90’s jersey include the famous Nike logo and the PayPal logo (the team’s primary sponsor) on the shoulders.  Also, as nice as Charles Barkley’s legs are, the much needed longer-length shorts should help this classic design to be very popular as the season approaches.