“We have a word for this: chutzpah!”—response to Kari Lake’s damage control attempt after antisemitic endorsement


Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake

Nicole White, Reporter

The above quote was a reported reaction from Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix.

This, after a coalition was formed of some Jewish supporters in order to repair damage after Lake’s endorsement of the widely reported and vocal antisemitic Oklahoma senate candidate, Jarrin Jackson.

Jackson is the same guy who said—among other rants, “All Jews, will go to hell, if they don’t believe the gospel of Jesus Christ…just like everybody else,” Jackson wrote in a January post.

Jackson proudly displayed Kari Lake’s endorsement.

Now the GOP gubernatorial candidate for Arizona is reporting a “Jewish Voices” coalition in an attempt to repair some of the damage after her Jackson endorsement and after her subsequent delay of addressing the public outrage as well as a reportedly lukewarm statement about Jackson’s “reported” statements—and finally, Lake reportedly addressing the Jackson endorsement after several days.

But many in the Jewish community are not buying the latest attempt from Lake’s campaign reported coalition to show support from those who are the very target of Jackson’s unapologetic antisemitic outbursts.

“We have a word for this: chutzpah!” We’re still waiting for @KariLake to denounce herself Jackson’s antisemitic words. Her endorsement is still on Jackson’s website. She may not control what he does but she can & should resolve any doubt as 2 where she stands on his hate-filled views.”