4-Down Territory Ep. 22-3 Jared’s Revenge

Podcast – Opinion


James Mackey

James Mackey defeated in fantasy football last week by Jared. L to R Mackey, Grace, Heath, Keeler, Cousineau, Olafson

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It’s a full house this week as former newbie Preston Grace and current newbie Jason Cousineau join in the frivolity with old-timers Jared Heath, Alex Keeler, James Mackey and actual old-timer Ole Olafson .

1st Down:  NFL Football – James Mackey takes us through the games we thought would be good and gets you caught up on the latest NFL news.

2nd Down:  NCAA Football – Tipping the Teacart with upsets and games that could have been.  Ole’s picks for biggies for week five in college football.

3rd Down:  NFL Fantasy – Jared Heath tells you who to start and who to bench.  He must know what he’s talking about…he beat Mackey last week in the League of NEVN.

4th Down:  Games-O-the-Week – Will the gang rebound after getting embarrassed in front of Bally Sports broadcaster Todd Walsh?  Let’s see…Ole picked the Lions, so not looking good!