“I will always defend abortion access.”—Sen. Mark Kelly


Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Mark Kelly protect abortion

Quentin LaVar, Reporter

After a Pima County judge’s ruling last week to lift an injunction on Arizona’s decades-old abortion law that bans nearly all abortions, except if a women’s life is in jeopardy—the decision triggered strong reaction from Arizonans, including Sen. Mark Kelly who wrote on Twitter that the ruling “will have a devastating impact on the freedom Arizona women have had for decades: to choose an abortion if they need one.”

“I will always defend abortion access—my opponent wants to ban it completely,” Kelly said.

According to Senator Kelly, the government should not be involved in a decision “for women” and “with their doctors.”

Kelly also believes that women— “half the population” lost a constitutional right with the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion and cites a huge chasm between himself and his opponent Blake Masters (R) on abortion rights.

GOP candidate, Blake Master’s has called abortion advocates “demonic” and abortion a “religious sacrifice.”

Masters has also publicly stated that abortion should be criminalized—even for doctors, and recently supported Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R) bill introduced this month that would ban abortion nationally after 15 weeks.

Kelly has promised to remain firm in his support of reproductive rights for women, including abortion.

Blake Masters campaign has not responded to requests for comment.