Kari Lake will be the most anti-abortion Governor and an immigration “war” authority if elected


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Nicole White - Editorial

In the recent “Face the Nation” interview on CBS last Sunday that featured separate but back to back interviews with GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Katie Hobbs—Kari Lake made it clear that she will continue to take the toughest stance against abortion in Arizona.

Lake has expressed support for Arizona’s recent near-total abortion ban which predates Roe v. Wade—a decision that is currently blocked as appeals courts assess the earlier decision.

Even a high risk pregnancy could be illegal if Kari Lake were governor.

Her stance is even less likely to change if elected.

Katie Hobbs, Lake’s Democratic opponent for governor, reiterated that she does not support Lake’s and other GOP extreme views on abortion bans and the democratic candidate does not support a gestational limit on abortion—a fact she restated during the interview with host, Major Garrett.

“I support leaving the decision between a woman and her doctor and leaving politicians entirely out of it,” Hobbs said during the interview.

In states where there are no limits, physicians do not perform abortions “on demand” until the moment of birth.

“Late-term abortion is extremely rare, and if it’s being talked about, it’s because something has gone incredibly wrong in a pregnancy,” Hobbs said. “A doctor’s not going to perform an abortion late in a pregnancy just because someone decided they want one. That is ridiculous, and she’s saying this to distract from her incredibly extreme position.”

Garrett went on to press Lake on her immigration claims of an outright “invasion”—Lake, in her typical hardline fashion, continued to declare that Mexican immigrants are in fact invading Arizona.

She has called immigrants “rapists” and criminals and she didn’t retreat from her view during the interview.  She reinforced her campaign promise to use whatever means necessary against the so-called “invasion” including calling on Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution to try to enforce her claims.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Katie Hobbs accused Lake of “empty rhetoric” that “would do absolutely nothing to increase border security” but “would bring untold levels of chaos into our state.”

While Hobbs agreed that there needs to be stronger action on border security, Hobbs placed the onus back on the many GOP leaders—including past Republican presidents for their failures to implement successful border policy.