Photo shows Kari Lake vacuuming red carpet for Trump’s entrance— reportedly wanted it “spotless”— revealing her dutiful Trump servitude

“This photo made my stomach turn.”


Gage Skidmore

Trump and Lake at an Arizona rally

Nicole White, Reporter-Opinion

Kari Lake, like the dutiful servant and the Trump loyalist that she is, is actually seen in a photo as she vacuumed a red carpet for Donald Trump before his entrance and during his visit to Arizona last week at a rally for the Trump endorsed faithful candidates.

Ms. Lake, the self-proclaimed “journalist” (an insult to ethical journalists everywhere) was actually a third-rate news anchor who voiced copy and was really only as good as those responsible for the pre-produced content that she read on a teleprompter.

But Lake, just before the arrival of the now subpoenaed Donald Trump for testimony regarding his knowledge of the events surrounding the Jan. 6 insurrection—was ready to show Arizona who she really is—the rightful Trump predestined.

The Twitter vacuum photo captures more than just an over the top photo op, it reveals Arizona’s future under the leadership of Kari Lake.

We see a submissive woman “cleaning up” for a despicable man, wearing a dress with heels and in a 50’s like image reminiscent of what extreme conservatives likely drool over—taking women back to the dark ages.

Lake is the top contender for the Trump understudy and the person who will throw our beloved Grand Canyon State into chaos if elected— frighteningly so, and on multiple levels.

We already know what Lake will do for the personal and medical rights of women—she won’t vacuum them—she will contaminate them.

Lake has promised to deploy a military presence and place Arizona on a path that would claim an “invasion” in a states right war over immigration which would include innocent immigrants many of whom are seeking asylum and many of the same ones she has called “rapists” and criminals.

Lake is unapologetic about the fact that she has supported the most stringent of anti-abortion laws including the recent decision to go back to pre-statehood law that effectively bans all abortions, (and even criminalizes Arizonans) and in a disgusting and fear-provoking move early on in her campaign, Lake endorsed a virulent and hate-filled antisemitic candidate and continues to use antisemitic code language in her speeches.

If such a blood test existed, Lake’s results would reveal a sizable amount of Trump steroids.

Katie Hobbs, may not be perfect, but she doesn’t employ a loud mouth nor a dreadful vocabulary like Lake, and the Democratic gubernatorial candidate offers a stark difference to Arizona voters—namely, stability, reason and goodwill.

And even though Hobbs has been criticized for not taking part in a debate with Lake—most people who spoke with Northeast Valley News about that decision understand the “why” regarding the Hobbs decision.

Basically—they get it.

When Northeast Valley News asked Valley voters,  “Do you agree with Hobbs not debating Lake” responses varied from “How do you reasonably engage with a Trump lunatic?” to “I would have liked to see Katie Hobbs take her on, but I kinda understand the futility of it.”

It’s impossible to reason with, let alone debate with, a cult member, especially one as devoted as Lake is to her guru.

Cult members as entrenched as Kari Lake are not likely to be deprogrammed.

Her truth and ultimate goal is Trumpism—period.

Hobbs is right, there really isn’t anything to say to Kari Lake.

As one Arizona voter so aptly expressed after seeing the Twitter photo of Kari Lake vacuuming and cleaning up for Donald Trump:

“This made my stomach turn.”