Prop 309 would hinder mail-in voting and require private information such as Social Security numbers

Proposition 309, endorsed by Kari Lake, could reportedly affect popular mail-in voting and voting access for all citizens

Polling place sign

Heather Katsoulis (Flickr)

Polling place sign

Nicole White, Reporter

Information in an online explanation of how to vote on Az. ballot propositions presented by the Arizona LUCHA (Living United for Change in Arizona) provides statements and voting recommendations on the various propositions.

With regard to Prop. 309 LUCHA states the following:

“Proposition 309 adds new barriers to the vote-by-mail process. It will block voters from having their voices heard, especially Latino, African-American and Asian-American voters, students and younger voters, and low-income voters. In addition, Proposition 309 will infringe on our privacy. Protect your rights by voting NO.”

Prop. 309 goes far beyond the existing laws for voting in Arizona.

Both Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Governor, and Mark Finchem, the GOP pick for Secretary of State filed a lawsuit to try and force hand counting of votes in Arizona. Finchem and Lake are hardline election deniers.

Their lawsuit was thrown out in an Arizona court.  

Lake’s “endorsement” of Prop. 309 is now making the rounds on social media sites.

The official ballot reading of what Prop. 309 would mean can be found here and includes-LUCHA and other state organizations as well as some bi-partisan groups recommending a NO vote on Prop. 309.

The ease of mail-in voting that Arizonans overwhelming approve of, would be hampered.

LUCHA Az. has published a list of recommendations on the propositions that will be on the Arizona ballot.