Mullett Arena brings rave reviews from Arizona Coyotes fans

Mullett Arena’s intimate setting provides the “best viewing experience an NHL fan can have” according to Coyotes GM


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Mullett Arena provides NHL fans with an intimate viewing of their favorite NHL players and teams.

James Mackey, Reporter

Sunday night’s tilt between the New York Rangers and the Arizona Coyotes was the second game played at the Coyotes new digs, Mullett Arena.

Tucked between Sun Devil Stadium and parking lots on Packard Dr., Mullett plays home to the Arizona State Sun Devils Division 1 hockey team, and after an agreement reached with the university, the Coyotes will play all of their home games at Mullett until the 2024-25 season, with an additional option for the 2025-26 season.

Friday night’s opener with the Winnipeg Jets was a close game that provided positive vibes to the atmosphere in the new arena.

“I couldn’t get enough of it! It was a blast,” said Mitch Namanny of Scottsdale.

“It’s the best. It’s awesome,” said David Joss of Phoenix.

“It’s cool. You’re close. It’s loud. A lot of energy,” said Bill Cary of Gilbert.

For months, Twitter “trolls” have taken their fair share of shots at the new arrangement, but Coyotes fans have only positive things to say about the arena so far.

“It seems easy to get food and beverage, and get to the bathroom. You can see the ice from everywhere you’re at,” Joss said.

Proposals are in place for a permanent Coyotes facility with the City of Tempe.

On Nov. 29, city planners will vote on the new arena and Coyotes fans are anxious to hear the outcome.

“I’m excited for them to get a new arena, and kind of build the team, and build the fanbase back again,” said Cary.

“Excitement for the Valley. I really think when they vote next month on the 29th, I really think if we get a new area, it’s gonna bring new excitement to the team, and I really think Auston Matthews (Arizona native, and Toronto Maple Leafs forward) would wanna come back and sign,” said Joss.