Support for the Tempe Entertainment District resonates from the NHL and Arizona Coyotes fans

Arizona Coyotes fans and Tempe residents hold the future of the franchise in their hands.


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Mullet Arena’s raucous and loud, intimate atmosphere is the only of it’s kind in the league.

James Mackey, Reporter

Optimism remains high for the Arizona Coyotes new arena and surrounding entertainment district to become a reality.

On Nov. 10, Tempe City Council voted unanimously to send the proposal to vote by special election on May 16, 2023, leaving it in the hands of Tempe residents.

“Very excited,” said Mesa resident and longtime Coyotes fan Jennifer Roberts. “Would totally vote for it if I lived in Tempe.”

Coyotes President and CEO Xavier Gutierrez also retains his optimism for the fans support.

“The Tempe Entertainment District will be a huge win for this community, and we have no doubt that Tempe voters will agree,” Gutierrez said in a statement released by the team. “Our project will turn a landfill into a landmark — and one that not only provides a wonderful home for the Coyotes but also serves as a vibrant town square for Tempe.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman sees the arena as a “win-win for the community” and understands the need for a public vote.

“We’re very respectful of the process, and we believe when people understand the merits of this project, it’ll get widespread support,” Betman said. “We’re very enthused about the prospects for the Tempe entertainment district.  We want to make clear the League support for the franchise.”

The original proposal issued to the city involved a $2.1 million dollar plan to build a new arena, as well as residential and business districts around the arena.

Mullet Arena, the current and likely temporary home for the Desert Dogs, maintains a loud and raucous atmosphere, and the Coyotes have posted a sellout for every game this season.

Bettman also issued a promise to the city, and the team, for both an NHL Draft, and an NHL All Star weekend, as long as the team agrees to a 30-year no relocation agreement.