The Flip Side Ep. 23-1 Don’t Kill Your Doppelganger and Robot Refs

Video Podcast – Opinion



Jim Epler (Flickr)

Sometimes, mamagers and players don’t agree with a human umpire’s call.

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“The Flip Side” is a brand new podcast from  It is a journalistic look at the news and sports stories with a twist.  The panel is presented with a story as it is being reported and discusses “The “Flip Side”, or alternative points of view or background stories, which could be impacting the way that the story is being reported.  This week, Preston Grace, Marcus Reichley, Sophia Linkous, Jason Cousineau and Ole Olafson discuss how they would treat their doppelganger after a German woman killed hers in order to more realistically fake her own death.  The panel also discusses whether using computerized umpires, like major league baseball is experimenting with, could be expanded into other parts of the game or other sports completely.