If the Fantasy Draft were real, who would Arizona fans add to the Coyotes’ roster?


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The Arizona Coyotes could be one of the most entertaining teams in the NHL if they added any player they wanted.

James Mackey, Reporter

Most everyone has turned on their X-Box or PlayStation at one point or another, and launched into an EA Sports NHL franchise mode, and turned on fantasy draft just to see what kind of malarkey they can stir up.

The March 3 NHL trade deadline is looming.  Players will be shuffled around the league.  New faces in new places creates excitement and curiosity.

But who would Arizona Coyotes fans at Mullett Arena add to the Coyotes roster, if it were as easy as pressing some buttons on your video game controller.

Youth and excitement reigned supreme for Vladislav Nagy fan, Anthony Toscano.

“We need excitement, we need fun. How ironic would it be if (Trevor) Zegras came here eventually?” Toscano, a resident of Mesa, and day one Coyotes fan said. “Honestly, (Alexis) Lafreniére, I think he would do good things here.”

The talk of the Arizona hockey world has been about one particular Arizona native, that would please Coyotes fans, if he ever showed up in a Kachina sweater.

“I would be like to see (Auston) Matthews come back to the state,” said Charles Waishkey from Gilbert, who moved west from Detroit in 1979, and was a Phoenix Roadrunners fan, before moving to the Coyotes, and supporting his favorite, Shane Doan.

A silent point to himself, and a tilt of the head indicates that Howler Coyote, a resident of Arizona since 2005, who moved from Phoenix, to Glendale, and now to Tempe, chose himself as the ultimate fantasy addition to the roster.

The NHL alumni club is full of great players from Dale Hawerchuk, to Gordie Howe and Maurice “Rocket” Richard, but physicality seemed to be the top priority in the mind of Toscano.

“Byfuglien didn’t mess around, he was solid,” Toscano said.

NHL Hall of Famer and former Coyotes coach Wayne Gretzky was not one of the players mentioned as a dream fit  for the Coyotes, but another record breaker in the Hall of Fame did come up.

“Mario Lemieux is probably one of the best,” said Waishkey.

Arizona has six games remaining before the NHL Trade Deadline and they are split between two road games, Los Angeles and Dallas, and four games hosted by the Coyotes — Columbus, Calgary, Chicago, and Nashville.