Arthouse1312 showcases local comedians, musicians, DJs


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Main music stage

Marcus Reichley, Reporter

The Arthouse1312 in Tempe, Ariz. hosts a bimonthly talent showcase of Valley artists.

From stand-up comedians, to local bands and lyrical poets, the Arthouse welcomes all.

The Arthouse is just that — a house.

Located just a couple blocks west of the Mill Ave. district in Tempe, it hosts a variety of events ranging from open mic stand-up to local art exhibits.

It is also home to an Airbnb which accommodates those looking to explore and stay in Tempe with a more unique experience.

Patrick Michaelsen is the owner of Arthouse1312 and has always had a vision for what it could become.

In 2022 he collaborated with a group of local artists and entrepreneurs to create what is now called “After Dark.”

“After Dark presented by Arthouse1312” is the result of some trial and error.  But the ultimate goal has always been the same.  To host a regular, all-in-one show, which highlights the talents of a variety of artists.

Michaelsen, a Tempe native, has been involved in the community for years, even making a run for city council in 2021.

Michaelsen recently spoke to Northeast Valley News about how the Arthouse came to be, what it’s going to be, and what it means for the community.

“I’ve always wanted to build an artistic community, a creative space where people can come in and work together…and kinda combine their thoughts, efforts, and energy,” Michaelsen said. “I got inspired by somebody else who had a creator party, I didn’t even think that was something you could do right — just invite a bunch of creators to your house and see what happens”

Michaelsen went on to explain how the current format for After Dark came to be.

“Eventually, we kinda like nailed down the format of getting local comedians and musicians to come, and that’s kinda what brought it all together.  The merging of the two scenes is the thing that a lot of people really, really like about this,” Michaelsen said.

The “merging of the scenes” as Michaelsen put it, wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a few of his peers in the local comedy scene. Especially Dustin Hadlock, who Michaelsen calls “the other half of these shows.”

Hadlock initially discovered The Arthouse through word of mouth within the valley’s comedy community. The two met through a mutual friend.

Michaelsen explained that Hadlock helped push for the comedy aspect of the After Dark shows, and even helped secure musical talent as well.

Another person he wanted to shout out is their DJ, PJ Vasquez, otherwise known as DJ Jahhfeel.

“He has been there since the beginning, just doing his sets, being chill as fuck, he’s done every single event without ever asking for money,”

Michaelsen said.

It’s been almost a year since After Dark’s inception, and Michaelsen and Hadlock no longer need to look very hard in order to find talent.

“At this point, I have so many people asking me to perform at Arthouse that I have to say no to a lot of people, and the people I say yes to, we have to book them out a month or two in advance,” Michaelsen said.

The typical time slots for an After Dark show are 12 comedians and three musical acts, with a DJ and guest host as well.

The comedy stage is located outside — a converted tiny home which guests are encouraged to paint on.

The musical stage is located in the main common area of the house, guests are encouraged to doodle on designated walls of the house, being careful to avoid the art which is hung all around for sale.

“The whole house is an art exhibit,” Michaelsen said.

The most recent After Dark get together was on March 4.

Notable comedians Guy Hannah and Aldo Campaña did sets, as well as musical acts SkinnyBK, 90s Sitcom, Jiggy, and headliner Eloy Gabriel.

Michaelsen marveled at how the talent coming to Arthouse gets better and better with each show.

“The talent of the performers is insane, especially the musicians. Every time I listen to musicians, I’m like ‘these guys are first rate, they should be selling out Van Buren’,” Michealsen said. “The two comedians we had headlining, [Hannah and Campaña] you’ll probably see them somewhere soon, on like Conan or something.”

Arthouse1312 continues to serve as a launchpad for artists of all sorts within the Valley. Michaelsen gave us a glimpse of where he sees his Arthouse and himself in the near future.

“It would be super cool to own a place that’s like a music venue, coffee shop, and Airbnb, you know, like beds upstairs, hostel style. Creative spaces all around the house for people who are creatives to do their thing. We have a lot of musicians come through, like opera singers, violinists, all sorts of people, just bringing all that energy into one place,” Michaelsen said.

Tickets for an Arthouse1312 event can be purchased at

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Anyone interested in performing at the Arthouse1312 can book directly through Michaelsen at patryc.m on Instagram. Or by email at