Tempe voters reject Coyotes Arena – “No” votes on Props 301, 302 and 303


“Yes” and “No” Vote signs placed on University and Priest in Tempe.

Marcus Reichley, Reporter

The Arizona Coyotes have been turned away by Tempe voters. 

 After a highly anticipated special election, the City of Tempe has voted “no” on Propositions 301, 302, and 303. Shutting the door on both the Coyotes organization and what would have been the largest development deal in Tempe history.

The “vote no” group known as Tempe 1st garnered support from a diverse range of community members, including small business owners, lifelong residents, and ASU students. Through a “grassroots” campaign they voiced their opposition to the propositions related to the proposed entertainment complex and Arizona Coyotes arena.

 Reservations about Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo’s track record rang loud throughout the election, citing previous reports of disorganization, bad management, and unpaid taxes. Concerns were also raised about the potential burden on city services and the substantial subsidies—estimated at $500 million in tax breaks—that the project would receive.

It is unclear where the Coyotes will look to den next, the hockey organization’s existence in the desert may not be in so much jeopardy as some have speculated. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has made clear in the past the league’s commitment to having an Arizona team, it is unclear how the election outcome will change this narrative.