Former supporters of Kyrsten Sinema “laughed out loud” after receiving recent fundraising emails

Ruben Gallego, hoping to win Sinema’s seat in 2024, outraised her after the first full fundraising quarter


Gage Skidmore

Senator Kyrsten Sinema speaking at Arizona Chamber of Commerce meeting (2022) Flickr

Quentin LaVar, Reporter

Tracking Sen.Kyrsten Sinema’s (I-AZ) fundraising is one way to detect signals about her plans regarding another run— this time as an Independent. 

Her campaign aides report that the Senator is busy working on the business of the U.S. Senate and not on a possible run, but new fundraising material is reaching the homes of many former supporters of Sinema. 

Sinema’s fundraising is also being closely watched after reportedly more than a quarter of her money came from those who work in private equity firms, and Democrats and others accuse her of protecting powerful interests after “thwarting the party’s longtime goal of raising taxes on wealthy investors.” 

Sen. Sinema is also facing a complaint from a political group seeking to oust her from office. The complaint cites using campaign funds to live “a lifestyle of luxury” at the expense of her constituents and using campaign donations to pay for expensive international trips, food and luxury lodging.

Arizona Democrats, many former supporters of Sinema have not forgotten her slap in the face when she voted in dramatic style, mockingly curtsied, smiled and shot a thumbs-down vote against the increasing the minimum wage even though she had previously said she supported it. 

The Arizona state Democratic Party censured Sinema in January for opposing the removal of the filibuster and stating that Sinema had failed to stand up for her constituents in key areas such as voting rights and holding major corporations accountable.”

“Senator Sinema may now be registered as an Independent, but she has shown she answers to the corporations and billionaires, not Arizonans,” the party said in a statement.

An AARP poll taken in September revealed low support for Sinema among Arizona voters and FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver tweeted a graphic from the AARP poll showing low support for Sinema among all Arizona voters.

A mere 37% of all likely voters viewed her favorably and 57% of Democrats viewed her as unfavorable. 

Northeast Valley News spoke with some voters in downtown Phoenix and asked for their impression of the Senator and what they thought of her latest fundraising efforts. 

Sylvia Humberto, a registered Democrat said, “Kyrsten Sinema sent me an email asking for funds and highlighted things she has done—but she forgot to mention that she votes against the right of others to vote and all the things she promised to support, and didn’t. I saw the email asking for donations and laughed out loud.”

While it was challenging to find Independent voters willing to speak on the record one man who did not want to be identified told Northeast Valley News, “he didn’t like anyone who’s a turncoat,” and likely would not be voting for Sinema even though he’s been a registered Independent for three decades.  

Native Arizonan, 62-year old Steven Williamson began as a staunch supporter of Sinema but after her performance in the Senate said, “Never again.” When asked about her recent fundraising efforts Williamson said, “I spam her stuff now.”

A different poll conducted last July by Data for Progress and The Copper Courier and before Sinema changed her party affiliation, reported that Sinema had only a 42% approval rating among state residents and only 34% of Arizona Democrats viewed her favorably.