SCC library construction hits another snag

A change in contractors has not quelled growing frustrations with the incomplete library

Christopher Hunter, Reporter

Promises of increased study space, increased access to outlets, and more up-to-date computers have kept optimists excited about the library renovations at SCC. However, the hassle has been tremendous for the students, as well as the library staff.

For nearly two years, a makeshift library has been set up on the far side of the welcome center. This library has limited computer access and almost no study space. While there are computer labs and a tutor center, a large portion of the school’s books are being held in a storage facility out of students’ reach. Unless one finds themselves lucky, there will most likely be a wait of a couple days to receive a needed book, as the librarians are forced to loan books from other community colleges in the Valley.

“I think it’s had a tremendous impact, because there is no place (to study),” head librarian Pat Lokey said when asked about the library constructions impact on current students. “The library is the predominant place on most campuses to meet up with friends and get help.”

In these past two years, it hasn’t been just students who have been affected by the lack of a library, but the librarians. Though no librarians have been laid off due to the lengthy construction, many have been kept busy writing grants and various other projects as they await the final opening date.

“It’s discouraging for this to go on for so long, we’re used to more student interaction,” Lokey said

There is not a set date for the library to reopen. Jack Van Cleave has been sitting in on the construction meeting since plans began and is hopeful that it can completed within three months

The former contractor was served with legal documents and given until Jan. 31 to finish what they could.

The school is currently working with the bonding company, which insures the contracting company, to finish the library.

“If they don’t complete it (the library construction), the bonding company will take over the project,” Van Cleave said. “They will have someone come in and complete what needs to be completed.”

There was no major reason for the removal of the original construction company–just a bunch of little things that added up to major delays.

Whether the library will finish in time for students to have a quiet, resourceful, and spacious place study for finals has yet to be seen, but the faculty is dedicated to making sure that this new library exceeds expectations.