Arabian Horse Show completes 60th year

Scottsdale's Arabian Horse Show continues to draw and impress

Christopher Hunter, Reporter

The 60th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show concluded yesterday at West World in Scottsdale. It was a great event for the whole family, and fun for everyone, novice to horse-lover.

“This is kind of like ground-zero for Arabian horses in the United States,” Penny Stuart, exhibitor and owner of six Arabian horses said. “This is the largest Arabian horse show in the world.”

Stuart is a long-time owner of saddlebred horses, which are a mix of many breeds that are very animated, causing her to have to travel heavily. Upon visiting the Scottsdale Arabian horse show to shop for exhibition supplies, she was immediately impressed with the Arabian breed’s energy and stamina.

“What got me into Arabians was coming to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show for the shopping, because they have a lot of shopping venues here,” she said.

From boots to saddles and show costumes, funnel cakes to Jamba Juice, guns made from bullets to scrap metal sculptures, all Western needs can be met at the Scottsdale Horse Show. The venues boast half the draw of the show.

“The big horse outside when you are first coming in took three and a half months to make, ” Mrs. Mardo Ureta, owner and operator of Innovation Sculptures, LLC, said.

Mardo Ureta, who is a welder and member of the Ironworkers Union, began making sculptures in the garage during a layoff from work. After making a bird, which his wife says she still has, he made an Arabian horse out of everyday items (i.e. bike chains, a half pair of scissors, hammerhead). That horse is what led the Uretas to bring their art to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show for the first time in 2014, and that life-size horse stands at the entrance.

There have many benefits of their decision besides the selling of their art. Mr. Ureta was approached by a college professor to come and speak to his welding students. They have also been able to network through their fellow vendors, but to the Uretas, they are more like family.

No matter your walk of life, there is something for you to enjoy at the 60th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.