Phoenix gears up for 6th Annual ‘Carnival do Brasil’

The yearly event in downtown Phoenix mimics an actual Brazilian carnival

Isabel Menzel, Reporter

Brazil is legendary for its annual Carnival festival, and now you can experience the high energy event close to home.

On March. 21, ‘Carnival Do Brazil,’ hosted by Afro Baile, will return for its sixth consecutive year.  Doors will open at 8pm for the 21-and-over concert event.

The Pressroom, located on 441 W. Madison St in Phoenix, will host this year’s affair.  The venue features both an indoor area for dancing and musical performances, and a laid-back outdoor area for guests to enjoy food and drinks.

Guests can expect a lively Brazilian atmosphere. Samba dancers will perform in the dazzling gems and feathers of the traditional Brazilian Carnival fashion, while Portuguese beats from over 40 live musicians and DJs will keep hips swinging and hearts throbbing all night.

Just like on the beaches of Copacabana, there will be no shortage of the Brazilian national drink, the ‘Caipirinha,’ a  blend of cachaça, sugar and fruit.  Guests can also enjoy a tray of assortments of mouth-watering authentic Brazilian finger foods, like the ‘brigadeiro,’ a bite-sized Portuguese treat made from cocoa, butter and condensed milk.

Tickets are available at the door for $20, but for the bargain hunters, getting tickets early is the way to go.  Discounted rates can be found online at, with further bargains for group rates.  Guests that purchase pre-sale tickets will also have access to a free Brazilian music album download.

Brazilians can take up to a year working on their carnival costumes, so get creative, come dressed to dance, and experience the “energia” that defines Brazillian culture!