The Islamic State flag and what it truly represents

The associations many people have made between the Islamic State flag and terrorism need to be reviewed

Luis Patino, Columnist

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Many flags have been shown around the world, but there are very few that are remembered. The ones that stand the test of time can be seen again and again in our history books and right away are recognized as an important part of history.

The Islamic State flag will be a part of that history, and this is just the beginning.

This striking black flag has been used as a symbol to instill fear by the Islamic State extremist militant group. If you have seen this flag in the media recently, it is usually followed by a beheading or a person being shot in the back of the head, execution-style.

Ahmad Shqeirat, the Imam at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe, said that “their extremism is a reaction. They are a reaction. The region is not stable, a lot of dictatorship, a lot of poverty, a lot of abuse and if the environment is polluted, this is what you’re going to get.”

To Muslims, this flag can sum up the most important part of their faith, which is that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.

While the flag first had a spiritual meaning, various terror groups have used this flag as theirs–from the Taliban to Al Qaeda and now the Islamic State.

Whether many other Muslim groups denounce the Islamic State, they use the black flag and also quote many verses from the Quran to justify their actions.

This flag has a very special meaning to almost a billion and half Muslims worldwide, and it seems unfair that a small group and a war-mongering media can give this flag such a negative affect world wide.

There is a lot of suffering in that region and most of these people are religious. The first thing that many people turn to when they are suffering is religion. The Islamic State wants to fill that void and is using this flag to do so.

It’s not like the Muslim people can burn this flag or drag it across the floor. The symbol of this flag means a lot to them, and it’s a crucial part of their belief. And this is the reason why it is shown in almost in every video that the Islamic State put out for the public to see.

This flag is very special to millions of people around the world and it shouldn’t be used as a symbol of hate and religious persecution. Rather, it should be shown as a symbol of peace and tolerance. The Star of David at one time symbolized something very hateful. Let’s try not to make that mistake again against another religious group.

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