Fahrenheit Fashion Show combines style and charity

Paradise Valley will host this unique, multi-faceted event

Isabel Menzel, Reporter

On Feb. 21, the first photo shoot production for the upcoming Fahrenheit luxury fashion show took place. It will be held on April 18 in Paradise Valley.

The show will benefit St. Jude’s hospital and HALO animal rescue and will exhibit a unique composition of fine art, luxury cars and summer fashion from innovative designers.

The photo shoot was hosted at the private residence of Jerome Decker, a custom glass artist, and producer of the show.  His inimitable glasswork projects elegance and will be available for auction during the event, along with unique luxury car brands from Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and Ferrari. There will also be photography by globally established artist and director of the show, Carlos Calderon Bencomo.

“We focus on the luxury of the event and the art, so it isn’t just the fashion, but the entire picture. We want to bring these events to Phoenix, raising the bar for other people,” production manager Tiffani Satterelli said.

Decker has been hosting similar events for two years now, but it is important for him and his team to keep it fresh and unique.  This year, he has teamed up with Bencomo, a man who has been involved in photography and art since he was seven and is well known to create visually appealing and tasteful productions.

“Art was always in my life,” Beconcomo said. “It’s funny because I always said I wanted to do something in Phoenix.  I’ve had exhibits in Paris, Japan, Germany, Luxemburg, China, South Korea and New York, but I wanted to do something local. A fashion show is total creativity; the makeup, the hair, the designers and photography. I want to give these shows a base of art.”

The production of the Fahrenheit Fashion Show has a team of over 70 creative and highly professional participants. This team includes Producer Jerome Decker, Production Manager Tiffani Satterelli, and Photographers Brooke Dickinson and Carlos Calderon Bencomo. The models will be dressed in the original designs of Maria Alejabdra Valez and bikinis from Born4Bikinis Swimwear, with complimenting jewelry by Christina Koscal.

“We can do a big production because we have a big team, but my goal is to produce the best quality,” Bencomo said. “We have a lot of help from our sponsors.”

The coordinators of the event want the production to benefit everyone involved.  The models will be integrating with the guests, and enjoying the experience following the runway show, instead of  hidden behind a black drape.

“I like to give promotion to everybody, every participant is credited. I want to show that this art here is possible because of all the people involved,” Bencomo said.

The runway models were chosen in a very selective manner.  The event received over 100 model applications, but the organizers were looking for more than just a pretty face.

“We don’t select girls just on beauty, they need to have something unique, some personality,” Bencomo said. “They need to be warm and attentive to the people in their company.  I think every model has a characteristic. We select on intuition.”

Bencomo, whose first production was titled ‘We Are One,’ feels very strongly about capturing the beauty of diversity in his productions.  He does not wish to represent a specific nationality; his market is universal and that is the legacy he hopes to leave behind.

“I see so many events that are exclusive, only black or only Hispanic,” Bencomo said.  “Not only does discrimination exist in this, but also segmentation and I don’t believe in that.  I came from another county and tried to unify the people. You will see that in my model selection in the show.  I would never say I want only Hispanic, or I want only blondes.  A woman is beautiful because she is a woman.”

The organizers are delighted to help benefit such important charities as St. Jude’s Hospital and HALO animal rescue.  Decker owns several rescue animals and Bencomo has worked with animals his entire life, they share a strong passion for animal welfare.

“It doesn’t take that much to help animals,” Decker said. “You can only take in so many yourself, so you have to ask yourself what can I do to help?”

The private event will be fully catered and is expected to have roughly three hundred guests, with tickets starting at $100.   The blend of fashion, art and sophistication will be an unforgettable event this spring for the connoisseurs and seekers of elegance and beauty in the Valley.