Tempe art class offers time to relax creatively

Art After Work is an art class that takes in artists of any skill level


Courtesy of Michelle Dock

At the Art After Work class, participants learn to paint famous pieces of art as a way to wind down from a long day of hard work. Participants at any skill level are invited to join the class.

Caity Hemmerle, Feature Editor

After a long day at work or school, a featured art class – Art After Work – at Tempe Center for the Arts offers participants of any artistic skill level the opportunity to paint famous works in a stress-free and laid back environment.

Located in the Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts, the class takes place on one Wednesday each month, and each class features a different famous piece of artwork to paint.

“We currently offer the classes once a month except in summer,” Michelle Dock, Gallery Coordinator at Tempe Center for the Arts, said. “We only offer one session between June and August. Our July 24 class will feature a hummingbird and a saguaro bloom in conjunction with the summer exhibition ‘Birds of a Feather.’ We’ve also brought back popular themes by audience demand such as a ‘Van Gogh inspired Starry Night.’”

Upcoming classes include ‘Matisse: The Goldfish’ on April 29 and ‘Van Gogh inspired Starry Night’ on May 13.

‘Van Gogh inspired Starry Night’ is being brought back by popular demand of class participants, Dock said.

“The instructor is the same for all the sessions,” Dock said. “Her name is Laura Hukill, and she is a local artist and special needs teacher in the Mesa School District. Laura has worked at Tempe Center for the Arts since 2007 in a prior role in the Gallery.”

The $35 ticket includes a two and a half hour class and instruction, art supplies – including a 16”x20” canvas that students take home afterwards – and a voucher for use at the snack bar inside the lobby.

To purchase tickets for this class, there are several easy choices: online, by phone (480-350-2822), or in-person with the TCA Box Office.

“Many participants get hooked,” Dock said. “Some students have come to five or more workshops. Many students bring a spouse or friend for an evening out. Participants have said that, ‘the best part of the class was the instructor,’ and ‘I forget time, space and everything else.  It’s like a mini vacation.’