Artichokes win big against Phoenix College

The Artichokes football team got their season back on track in a dominant win Saturday night

Nicholas Tirella, Sports Editor

A complete performance from the SCC Fighting Artichokes left the Phoenix College Bears in the dust and put the Artichokes’ season back on track.

The 59-21 win showed fans the team everyone was hoping to see – and better late than never as the Artichokes dominated in this game on all sides of the ball. The Artichokes were finally able to snap out of their four-game losing streaks and flashed their tantalizing potential. Even though the Bears have not won a game in over three seasons, the Artichokes should be praised for the comprehensive nature of the win. A win is a win no matter what, and a great question was asked of the team coming into this game.

“Would we want to win and keep their losing streak or would we want to lose and give them their first win?” offensive lineman Jalen Neal asked.

Neal knows now what their team can do and gave an overall look at what happened in Saturday’s game.

“We know what were capable of and in this game has opened our eyes to that,” Neal said. “Our o-line played the best game of the year, our wide receivers made some great catches, the defense was on point, the quarterback was making right reads and everything was on point tonight.”

The offense was able to move the ball up and down the field with ease as the Artichoke wide receivers got open and run after the catch for chunks of yardage and touchdowns. The offensive line held their ground and blocked very well – both on the run and through the air. The run game was good too as the Artichokes running backs had ample space to run with the o-line blocking for them. Saturday’s offensive display fixed many of the last week’s concerns and the team was able to take advantaged of the Bears’ turnovers.

The defense played great tonight and the defensive line applied pressure to both Bears quarterbacks throughout the game. The game plan Saturday was to learn from last week’s mistakes and apply the necessary changes.

“Our game plan for this game was to stop whatever quarterback they bring into the game,” defensive end Iveni Ngauamo said. “Last week we could have stopped the fast quarterback so we wanted to prepare for this game and I was looking forward to getting sacks and grinding.”

When the Bears quarterback made mistakes, the Artichokes’ secondary was there to take advantage, as they picked off the quarterback multiple times. The linebackers were solid too, leaving the Bears’ run game in tatters.

Head coach Doug Madoski knows that this team needed this win to get back on track but takes this game as any other.

“It’s no different than another week,” Madoski said. “We try to win football games and play to our best ability and we came out successful this week. For us, it was a matter of going out there and trying to execute and get these guys to understand that if we execute to the best of our ability we will be more successful then when were not successful.”

The Artichokes’ next game will be on the road against Mesa Community College next Saturday.