Dining with Denise: Flower Child in Phoenix

Our resident foodie takes us on a groovy trip to Flower Child’s Arcadia location

Denise Elfenbein, Photo Editor

My health foodie companion and I cruised over in our Vee Dub bus after a killer yoga sesh.  Feeling ripe and  hungry, our bellies craved “Healthy Food for a Happy World.” Although you don’t have to be a hippie to eat at Flower Child, you may be a semi-convert after that last bite.

I was impressed with the vibe of the place, the decor and the friendly staff.  You order at the counter and then take a seat. It’s a very casual and open environment.

The only downfall was the daunting task of deciding what tantalizing delight to order from the vast selections they offer! I mean it when I say every item on the menu sounded pleasing to my pallet.

Flower child offers many delicious dishes for under $10.

You can select from yummy salads including a Kale with fruits, nuts and cheese, a vegan Caesar or a quinoa with veggies. You have the option to add any protein (all natural chicken, sustainable salmon, grass fed steak or organic tofu) for $4 to 6 more.

Their menu presents a Vegetables and Grains side section to mix and match your ideal bowl of health bliss. For $4 to 9, you can create a dish with organic brown rice, roasted asparagus, heirloom tomatoes with watermelon (an excellent combo), beats, sweet potatoes or gluten-free mac & cheese.

Their menu also includes a Thai Cashew Quinoa bowl, Forbidden Rice, Wild Mushroom Pho, a Hippie Chick wrap and a Flying Avocado wrap and much much more.

They even have Kombucha on tap! Be still my heart.

My companion ordered a hearty bowl called Mother Earth; (pictured) consisting of ancient grains, sweet potato, portobellos, greens and hemp seeds for $9.

I indulged in Madras Curry (pictures) with organic potato, heirloom carrots, green beans in garam masala. My new personal favorite at $9.  I also ordered a fresh young coconut to drink the milk and eat the sweet meat… What a treat!

Flower Child offers Local produce, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian items as well as a healthy kids menu.

Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at /eatflowerchild or www.iamaflowerchild.com

They are located at 5013 N. 44th St. suite B2025B  in Phoenix AND at 10460 N. 90th St. in Scottsdale.
Open daily from 11 AM to 9 PM.

Bon appetit, flower children!