Dining with Denise: MOD Pizza

SCC’s Denise Elfenbein trekked to Mod Pizza’s Phoenix location on Peoria and 31st Avenue

Denise Elfenbein, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza?  Unless you’re gluten-free and vegan, sometimes this presents a problem. I am on a mission to find local restaurants that offer reasonably priced vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

My coworkers asked if I wanted to go for pizza and I was a bit reluctant thinking of a Dominoes style or Pizza Hut with thick glutinous crust and lots of greasy cheese. I personally cannot process and digest gluten and dairy, but my coworker said, “They have salads!,” so I agreed to go and check it out.

We went to MOD, an individual artisan-style pizzas and salads joint near Metro Center. Any toppings you want. Same price.

A mini pizza costs $4.47 for a six-inch pizza or side salad, a MOD pizza costs $7.47 for an 11-inch or entrée salad and a MOD pizza salad for $9.47. You can also enjoy your salad on a warm asiago pizza crust. Looking for a simple cheese pizza? Ask for a Maddy for $5.97. Gluten-free crust is available for two dollars extra.

They also have a dairy free cheese, so I was doing my happy dance. I thought, “I’m not having a salad I can actually indulge in a delicious healthy pizza that will tantalize my taste buds and go easy on ma belly.”

A mini six-inch pizza for $4.47 with any and all THE toppings I desire plus two dollars extra for the additional gluten-free crust and I can have a delicious, healthy and dairy-free pizza for under $10!  Healthy eating does not need to be expensive.

They also have drinks including draft beer, wine, milkshakes and fountain drinks. They offer nine selections of classic pizzas made to order such as the Mad Dog (red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, mild sausage and crumbled meatballs and only 900 calories). You can also try the Jasper which is 810 calories and includes red sauce, mozzarella, mushroom and spicy sausage.  The 860-calorie Caspian seems like a hit for those who love barbecue sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken, red onion, Gorgonzola and a barbecue swirl finish.

MOD also offers three classic salads including a simple green salad, a deluxe salad or a Caesar with several vegetable and protein additions.

The pizza and salad topping list is vast, including five base sauces including a red sauce, white sauce, pesto sauce and barbecue sauce and a garlic rub, six different cheeses including the dairy-free cheese, six different salad dressings, 19 toppings including veggies, herbs and other good stuff. There are nine different meats available and you can finish it off with several sauce toppings including a barbecue swirl, heart buffalo sauce, pesto drizzle or a balsamic glaze. Yum, yum, yum.

You really cannot go wrong with this pizza restaurant whether you want a medium deluxe pizza, a fancy chicken and Gorgonzola pizza or your own creation (I did a mushroom, black olives, tomato, roasted red pepper, spinach, arugula, brussels sprouts and dairy-free cheese pizza).

I’m hooked. I’m definitely a new fan and I don’t usually eat Italian or pizza so that says volumes for this healthy eater.
Bon appetit!!