World travel while 20-something is possible

Economical ways to visit other countries are available

Zac Velarde, Photo Editor

Travel in your 20s. It’s so much easier while you have fewer responsibilities and it’s a great way to become exposed to cultures around the world. We all agree with the reasons why we should travel in our 20’s but then our minds start to over-think and eventually create a reason not to go on these adventures.

I have been faced with that dilemma time and time again. But one of the main reasons I’ve talked myself out of dropping everything and travelling was because of money. But I’m determined to get out of Arizona and have started to discover ways to do it for the entire summer and best of all, for cheap. The best options for me are working during holidays and WWOOF.

WWOOF stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms and it is quite the operation. How it works is you become a member of the country of your dream destination and then it shows you farms in that location that are looking for workers.

Once matched with a farm, you make arrangements to fly to that destination. From there, the people in charge will have you working in trade lodging.

It’s free food and shelter for the whole season you are there. On your time off you are free to discover other parts of your destination. WWOOF is found in more than 99 countries around the world and provides the unique experience of farm life. Personally, working on farms is something I would enjoy being able to say I’ve experienced.

The program Working Holidays was very similar to WWOOF as you will be preforming a job in order to stay there longer and cut costs. Working holidays seems to be easier to find in the country than out of country but there are websites available to help you find a job.

One site I found guaranteed they would match you with a job and place to live, but not without a cost of roughly $700. The nice thing about this is that there were more city locations as opposed to some of the rural farming opportunities. They offered younger nightlife opportunities and larger cities.

If you’re more outdoorsy, national parks are prime during summer months. The larger parks need people to help run the restaurants, hotels and gift shops. Since there is no official website for this opportunity, I relied heavily on Google to find these specific job opportunities.

By searching each location individually and finding the links to job openings, I was able to find travel for cheap while keeping a roof over my head and food in my stomach.