Local coffee shop and high school find the perfect balance

Buzzberry and Saguaro High have teamed up to provide coffee and study space for students


Find Buzzberry on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/buzzberryscottsdale and visit their website at geturbuzz.com.

Kara Brown, Freelance Reporter, nevalleynews.org

Buzzberry, located off McDonald Drive and Granite Reef Road in Scottsdale, has utilized its location close to Saguaro High School in order to increase business.

When it comes to early classes, high school students and a shot of espresso are the perfect blend. It’s not only during midterms and finals where you can find a line of cars waiting outside the drive-thru. A constant flow of students stops by the shop prior to the 7:45 a.m. bell to get their buzz on before a long day of classes.

For Saguaro senior Katy Johnson, coffee is a part of her daily diet.

“I get Buzzberry at least three times a week on my way to school,” Johnson said.

But coffee is not the only service Buzzberry has to offer to the students of Saguaro. Since opening in 2009, the 24-hour coffee shop has been in partnership with the school dealing with catering, sponsoring sports teams and providing a common study spot for Sabercats.

The mom and pop shop is notably open about its support of the neighboring high school. From day one, an item on the menu has honored the school’s mascot. ‘The Sabercat,’ a strawberry and pineapple smoothie, is the only high school featured on the Scottsdale bistro’s menu.

Throughout the school year, Buzzberry hosts a number of car washes, all supporting Saguaro. From girls’ basketball to pom and cheer, the business has teamed up with almost every sports team on campus for the past seven years.

Manager Bronte Ibsen admires the affiliation between the school and her work.

“It’s a good partnership without it being so obviously one-sided,” Ibsen said. “The sports teams always hold car washes here, which in return brings a lot of business for us as well.”

In addition to car washes, the store also donates food to the school’s teams. Last winter the business supplied breakfast to the girls’ basketball team before every Saturday morning practice.

Buzzberry offers a perfect blend of support, school spirit and reliability for the students and athletes of Saguaro.

Baseball senior Jacob Perez is grateful for the sponsors of Saguaro baseball.

“If it weren’t for our sponsors our team wouldn’t be able to play on such a beautiful field along with sturdy and dependable equipment,” Perez said. “For that, I thank them.”