SCC’s Serve and Learn Day shows “Artie Has Heart”

SCC Service-Learning and Leadership organized the Oct. 14 event

Julian Howay, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

As part of the process of learning and community service, this year SCC students and staff did voluntary activities together with the theme “Artie Has Heart.” The annual event, which took place on Friday, Oct. 14, was organized by SCC Service-Learning and Leadership.

SCC Service-Learning and Leadership serves to help students take their learning to the next level by facilitating opportunities to connect classroom instruction with real-world experience through two main methods: service-learning and leadership lessons. In each of these venues, students will work to develop as more engaged and aware citizens by addressing needs within local and global communities.

Rebecca E. Bradley, director of Service-Learning and Leadership, said the event was intended to provide opportunity for students and staff to carry out activities related to the education and services. Since their office was created in summer 2012, Service-Learning and Leadership have organized people, time, space and money purposefully dedicated to the pedagogy of service learning.

“In connection with service learning, there are four things that have to be met,” Bradley said on the opening of the event in the SCC Student Center. “First, volunteers are expected to have to meet face-to-face and learn from community partners. Second, intentionally connected to the curriculum. So what ever you do must be connected to the curriculum and what is learned in the classroom. Third, reflect what is learned in the classroom and outside can be collaborated become better. Fourth, it has to celebrated in some way. This can be different for you, your class and the experience that you have.”

The event, entitled “Artie Has Heart, SCC’s Serve and Learn Day,” had on-and off-campus activities involving a number of clubs and organizations. For example, the Center for Native and Urban Wildlife, Ben’s Bells, Feed My Starving Children, Foothills Animal Rescue, St. Vincent de Paul, Wild at Heart and Wildhorse Ranch Rescue.

These clubs have a number of voluntary activities with community partners and provide an opportunity for SCC students who want to participate. Although the participants felt tired after doing voluntary activities, they very pleased.

“Although I am not a member CNUW, I am happy to be involved with their activities related to the environment,” participant Joshua Smith said. “We carry a number of trees from nurseries in the Green House, then plant these trees around campus. I never planted the tree like this before, but I like it. I hope the next time, I can join in the same activities.”

Salim Shekh, a film making student from India who joined with FMSC said he was very happy to do so.

“Being a volunteer with FMSC was a moment of working to feed children who are starving and close to death,” Shekh said. “Piece of time we spend in this club, it’s like giving life to children who are starving. So I think this is a wonderful thing.

“I had joined a voluntary activity before, but this is the first time I joined the volunteer together FMSC. I like the way they were very organized. In my country there are voluntary activities such as this, but they were not organized like this. I hope, in the next time I can join with this organization.”