The Millennial Manifesto: Trump immigration ban and Islam in 2017 with Usama Shami

This week’s episode: Trump’s ban in legal trouble, more unrest and a discussion of Islam

Jeremy Beren and Leon La Jeunesse

The Millennial Manifesto returns this week with more analysis and #takes on the current political climate and the events shaping it.

Jeremy Beren (@JBBeren) and Leon La Jeunesse (@leonlajo21) dive into the week’s news, including the block issued on President Donald Trump’s immigration order and the riots at UC Berkeley. The guys debate what it means to be pro-choice vs. pro-life, and one has some pointed criticisms of the media and the way it’s handling Donald Trump.

Jeremy and Leon are then joined by Usama Shami, the president of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, for an in-depth discussion of Islam, how and where misconceptions surrounding the religion began, and how the immigration ban has impacted Muslims in Arizona.

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