Local artists aim to make it big at Fia Flame Fest

A recent music festival offered local performers a chance to display their talents


Zachary Cerepanya/Scottsdale Chronicle

Peter Filis, or “Pariah Pete,” performing at this year’s Fia Flame Fest.

Zachary Cerepanya, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

Fia Flame Fest, a local music festival for up and coming artists around the Valley, provided a spotlight for several young musicians.

Hosted in a small venue near downtown Phoenix – the D’Sea Venue at 1303 West Grant Street – various artists with different genre backgrounds came from all over the Phoenix metropolitan area on Jan. 27 to perform. These artists got a chance to show the Valley what they have to offer as they make their way up the stardom ladder.

With a crowd of just about 200 people, this was one of the biggest turnouts yet for these small festivals.

Peter Filis, also known by his stage name “Pariah Pete,” was one of the select few performers to really have the crowd grooving on its feet.

“It helps a ton,” he said. “It gives me more confidence on stage and helps bring me out my shell.”

Pariah Pete has performed at a few small festivals like this, and with these events under his belt, the rapper hopes to start growing bigger and bigger and getting his name out in more places. Local people know his name, as he has solidified himself here in Arizona, but he is not content with just statewide recognition.

“More than local, I’d like to do a couple shows in California and eventually go global,” he said.

Pariah Pete is one of the many performers at this event, including Galaxy Saeed, Jake Eff and Anakin Bish, that will search for that opportunity to make a real breakthrough and continue their music careers traveling the United States, and maybe even internationally.