Terrorism has no religion

Acts of terror have painted Islam in a negative light

Tayyaba Siddiqui, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

The term “terrorism” is not new, and even though it has been used all throughout history, it can be relatively hard to define.

Terrorism has been described as both a tactic and strategy, a crime and a holy duty, a justified reaction to oppression and an inexcusable abomination. Obviously, a lot depends on whose point of view is being represented. Terrorism has often been an effective tactic for the weaker side in a conflict. As an asymmetric form of conflict, it confers coercive power with many of the advantages of military force at a fraction of the cost. Due to the secretive nature and small size of terrorist organizations, they often offer opponents no clear organization to defend against or to deter.

No sensible person actually believes that acts of terrorism and war are motivated by religion. No religion favors killing and no religion should be blamed for murder. Most of the non-Muslims believe that Muslims are being ordered by Mohammed (Prophet of Allah) to kill all non-Muslims. That is really not true.

Muslims are instructed to fight against terrorists, aggressor and oppressors. It also clearly mentioned in Quran (Holy book of Muslims) “not to fight against those people who are not fighting against you.” The word used in the Quran for kill is not “jihad,” it is “Qital,” which if we look at the Arabic translation means killing in a military capacity only. So thinking that 1.6 billion people, nearly one-quarter of the planet’s population, are terrorists is just foolish and ignorant. It is correct in saying that fundamentalism and extremism have nothing to do with religion. Islam is used as a pretext to do things that violate Islamic principles and the philosophy of life, peace and progress.

However, we need to go further than just denounce this hijacking of religion. Islam the religion should not be confused with what these terrorists have done. By the definition of the Quran, the terrorist organizations who kill innocent people are actually not Submitters (Muslims), but simply murderers. No one likes to describe Adolf Hitler or the likes of Ku Klux Klan as good Christians. We should not let our hatred and emotions overcome our logic and understanding and truth. There is no religion in the world that does not condemn terrorism. Every righteous person in God’s religion would condemn such brutal and inhumane actions regardless of terrorist’s country, race or religious affiliation. Terrorism is an attack on people’s safety, security, society and on establishment. The people responsible for it lose their credibility as anything other than monsters the moment they agree to hurt someone. Terrorists’ actions no longer reflect their cultures or traditions because they are choosing to abandon them.

There is no religion in the world that does not condemn terrorism.

Before we speak or accept the stereotypes perpetrated by the confused and uneducated, remember that the goal of terrorism is to make us hateful out of fear. Respond with knowledge. But I think most of all, right now, in this very moment, believe that terrorism has no religion. There is too much evil and hate growing in this world, and we need to commit more than ever to really listening to each other, leading with love and drawing on our common humanity to find our way forward.

It is the biggest myth, that religion inspires terrorism. Religions are made to show people about the real purpose of their life and they are made to benefit people. Terrorism is an individual act and we cannot blame any religion for this because no religion teaches people to create terrorism. Terrorists use religion as an excuse for their sinful act. They are people with intolerance and a hatred of peace. When people became intolerant and start believing that only their religion and their understandings are right, then that is the seed that plants the violence and terrorism.

What’s more, repeatedly mentioning the names of terrorists and their organizations not only acts as an advert in spreading their message but immortalizes them to potential recruits. The media has been acting as the most effective recruitment campaigns for terrorist organizations. The media must stop mentioning the name, religion, race, nationality or organization of terrorists. STOP MAKING THEM BRANDS only for others to follow. Immortalize the victims, for humanity has failed them and not any religion, race or nationality.

Terrorism has no religion. It promotes none, supports none and it is simply extremism mingled into politics.