The Children’s Learning and Play Festival at West World


Seviley Kelek/SCC

People enjoying the event and activities in West World of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Puja Mahato, Reporter/SCC

On Sept. 9, the second annual “Children’s Learning and Play Festival” was held at West World located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The festival, organized once every fall, is a free indoor event where children, toddlers and young families were invited to participate in a variety of learning activities through playing games. According to the festival’s website, their main goal is “dedication to literacy, education and early childhood development,” through volunteer work and fundraising.

Features of this event included a nature and wildlife show which helped educate children on the conservation of animals and the environment. The creative arts section of the festival allowed children to participate in a variety of arts and crafts projects. There was much more to the creative arts portion such as live dance performances, music and magic tricks were all available for the festival goers to enjoy. A big favorite for the children was the prize spinning wheel where they received free gifts.

According to event organizer Carter Unger the main purpose for creating this event is “To promote education, health and reading for children,” Unger said.

The event started at 9 a.m. and lasted until 4 p.m. Nidhi Agarwal, a parent who attended the festival, had this to say about the event.

“Very nice event, lot of fun for the kids but exhausted for parents,” Agarwal said.

Throughout the event, many donations were made by families and children as non-perishable food items for the homeless families in Scottsdale were requested.

Many volunteers donated their time to spend their Saturday entertaining some of the children.

Refiloe Kitchin, a volunteer this year, gave her reason for showing up Saturday morning.

“To see smiles on their faces brought joy to my heart,” Kitchin said