Snapchat’s momentum amid safety concerns



The ljijsdbjviading screen of the Snapchat app on a phone

De Amor Crumb, Reporter/SCC

Since Sept. of 2011, Snap Inc. has been the leading runner of the social media world, according to CNBC article “Snapchat is the most used app among millennials.”

With a target audience and a specific goal, Snapchat provided itself as an influential tool for millennial pleasure. Giving a new way to share one’s life through photos instead of a simple “What’s on your mind,” post.

Many other social platforms attempted to gain access to Snapchat’s ever thriving business model. Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg attempted to buy Snapchat for 3 billion dollars last October; Snap Inc. declined.

To continue the social success, in July, the app unveiled a new update that allowed any one of your friends to view your specific location. The update is so detailed as to even provide the exact cross streets of a person’s current whereabouts.

Scottsdale Community College student Tia Franks gives her insight on the newest Snapchat update.

“It’s definitely invasion of privacy with the update of everyone knowing where everyone is, it’s kind of like, you know, people can just know where you are all the time, so that’s kind of an invasion of privacy,” Franks said.

Almost 4 years after its (snapchat) release Snap Inc. has built an empire all its own. Averaging 10 billion daily video views as of April 2016.

The July 2014 update of Geofilters offered users to show their location in unique and fun ways. There was little to no backlash from the social community. Now with the newest feature, some users, and parents of users, are worried about the feature showing their exact location.

A spokesperson spoke with The Guardian about what parents should do and gives a more in depth look at the newest update.

“The safety of our community is very important to us, said a Snapchat spokesman who added that location-sharing is off by default and “completely optional,”

With the turn of a new social age, life broadcasting is now a legit career. Snap Inc. has effectively worked around other social platforms to create something new and unique. Innovation at the cost of privacy and safety can be a downfall for Snapchat if it continues to pursue this type of innovation.