Hurricane Harvey brings out community alliance


Courtesy of The National Guard

Texas National Guard Soldiers respond to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Chloe Schneider, Reporter/SCC

On Aug. 25, hurricane Harvey hit south Texas and caused massive damage, leaving scores of Texans homeless.

When Hurricane Celia hit it took 15 lives (in Texas) but the death toll for hurricane Harvey has already reached 82 people as of Sept.14.

“I don’t think there’s anybody in the Houston area that doesn’t know somebody that wasn’t affected by it” says Hugh Finklea, a Clear Lake resident from the suburb of Houston.

Flinkela’s uncle was being rescued in the relief efforts.

“He was literally rescued by a boat in a street,” Flinkela said.

Because of the amount of rain that took place in the streets and even the freeways, rescuers had little choice but to use boats as a form of transportation to navigate through the flooded streets.

During the evacuation efforts, many of the people responding were not part of any government organization or first responders but instead ordinary citizens.

People came from all over the state and area to help those most in need.

Luis Trevino, who lives in Harris County, was not personally affected but kept a close watch on everything as he tried to assess the areas that would be hit hardest.

“It all depends on which end of the storm you’re gonna get,” Trevino said.

“You can always prepare as much as you can, but there’s always some sort of impact.” Trevino said.

“It brings people back to their senses,” Trevino said.