SCC teacher helps inspire students to workout

Courtesy of Thoroughly Reviewed

Lucero Diaz, Reporter/SCC

Many people who work out do so to stay healthy or simply to just look better.

According to Fitness magazine, after one year of regularly working out, endurance and fitness can increase by to 25 percent after eight to 12 weeks or regular training. In one year of working out endurance can more than double.

Working out is good for students too.

People who work in the fitness field have the opportunity to inspire others and are often role models to many young athletes and non-athletes alike.

Working out is great for busy students too, just ask Jacky Cherney who teaches exercise science at Scottsdale Community College and at Grand Canyon University.

Cherney is a personal trainer who started following her dreams during her high school years and began working as a student athlete so working out has been a part of her life all through her schooling.

During Cherney’s grad year at college she started working in a gym where she became a personal trainer.

“I love when people reach their goals that is so exciting and fun and rewarding for me and for them. The happiness that you can bring to somebody when they feel better about themselves physically and mentally is pretty rewarding” Cherney said.

As a personal trainer Cherney says that it’s important to manage your time wisely and to always work around your client’s time.

It’s important to be the motivation that they need when they are feeling down.

For many, personal trainers are the difference between working out regularly versus making excuses to skip.

“It’s fun, it’s exciting, its’ inspiring, it’s not repetitive, it’s not sitting at a desk. You are helping people accomplish things every day. You only have one body and you have to take care of it. Without your health, it changes the way you feel,” Cherney said.

As a teacher, Cherney inspires her students every day to reach their goals and to strive for the best by showing them the different paths they can take in the fitness world.

Having the feeling of fitting to those pants you wore your high school year and being able to say you have lost 20 pounds can be a feeling of accomplishment that everyone wants.

Leonel Bello is a student at Grand Canyon University whose major is athletic training.

Bello has been interested in the fitness field ever since his freshmen year in college.

“Staying active really helps me to release stress, it helps me release anger and it keeps me staying focused. Working out during college is very important since college gives you a lot of stress with all the homework and tests you do,” Bello said.