Make-up application acceptable for men too


Lucero Diaz/SCC

One of the works that the make-up artist does

Lucero Diaz, Reporter/SCC

Whitney Casillas is a makeup artist who has been in love with makeup ever since she was 15 years old.

Casillas loves to help others to boost their confidence and enjoys the work she does.

“What inspired me to become a makeup artist is that it is so free you can experiment with whatever you want and it is a form of art and you are able to make people happy and enhance their own beauty from inside and out regardless of gender, regardless of religion, regardless of anything.  I feel that makeup brings people together and it’s just a beautiful thing,” Casillas said.

Casillas was self-taught with the help of YouTube and a lot of practice and she is now a makeup artist who challenges herself to become better every day. She expresses that becoming a makeup artist can be very tough, working with different tones of colors and providing exactly want the clients want is very important to makeup artist.

Casillas promotes her talent through social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat.

She works with photographers to capture the perfect look.

She also encourages everyone to break the stereotypes that only women can wear makeup.

“Beauty boys” has become the new trend that is allowing young men to show that makeup isn’t only for girls and that judgments don’t matter,” Casillas said.

Isaiah Gorman is a young man who enjoys doing makeup and encourages other young men who want to follow their passion to do so.

“At first, my response when people judged me was hard,” Gorman said. “I took it really personally, I had to really build my confidence up and walk outside with make up in public being able to process and except those mean looks or what people said but I think that that’s how it is, I can’t stop everyone has their own opinion. What they think shouldn’t affect me or how I feel about myself. Makeup isn’t just for girls, boys can wear it too.”

Gorman likes makeup because he has always liked painting, drawing, and coloring ever since he was a boy. Gorman didn’t plan on working with makeup as a career but only does it because it makes him happy and it’s for fun.

“Overall make up makes me feel confident and empowered. I guess my last thought on makeup would be to remind people that makeup is a one size fits all, it doesn’t matter what gender you are boy or girl or what race. Make up is one size fits all” Gorman said.