Communication is key this season for the Arizona Diamondbacks


Nick Tirella/SCC

Outfielder David Peralta hits the ball in the first inning against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in a spring training game on Mar. 6. The Diamondbacks won later in the game 5-4.

Nicholas Tirella and Sarah Hall

The Arizona Diamondbacks look to start where they left off last season after losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2017 National League Division Series in three games.

The Diamondbacks have mostly the same roster as last season. Returning players like Zack Greinke, Zack Godley, Patrick Corbin in the pitching rotation. David Peralta, A.J. Pollock in the outfield and Paul Goldschmidt in the infield. 

The D-backs have acquired some new players such as right fielder Steven Souza Jr. from the Tampa Bay Rays trade as well as veteran free agent center fielder Jarrod Dyson.

Archie Bradley, one of the Diamondback’s closers last season, spoke to Northeast Valley News about the core group of players that meant the most to the team in their 93-win campaign last season.

“It’s just understanding that even though it’s the same guys, it’s going to be a different team,” Bradley said. “We’re going to have a different style of play and we’re going to win differently than last year.”

Bradley believes that this team can make a push to the playoffs again and is confident that the team is in better shape than others in the league.

“We are a playoff team and we know that were returning some of the same guys and we have a lot better feeling then some of the teams that didn’t make the playoffs or don’t have as many returning guys,” Bradley said.

Coming off of winning the National League Coach of the Year, Coach Torey Lovullo – who is in his second year with the team- broke down the challenge of communicating with players new and returning.

“I know that there are players that believe in their abilities to the level where they want to be everyday players and contribute to their best position, the best way they know how,” Lovullo said.  

“We believe in sacrificing now for everybody else and it’s not about one individual.”

“That starts early in my conversation with them (the players) and it’s about the communication aspect of it. I don’t just all the sudden pull a punch out of left field and say this is my expectations, I’ve drawn it up, put them on the course with me and the rest of the front office; we both draw the roadmap together.”

With less than a month until the start of the new season, the Diamondbacks are getting through spring training with tight games and some bats waking up early. Come March 29, the team will look toward October and another run towards the World Series.