Local protestors bring attention to police shootings of black citizens


Muhammad Javed/SCC

The protestors lined up by the curb with their signs

Muhammad Javed, Reporter

On April 4, protestors gathered in Phoenix to bring attention to the growing number of incidents involving the killing of black citizens by police in the United States.

The protest was held under the banner of #BlackLivesMatter and was held on Camelback and Central roads in downtown Phoenix.

Protesters demanded that the government take measures to end the growing number of police shootings involving black citizens.

Northeast Valley News talked to Ron Mack, who gave the call for the protest.

“We are here today to speak up against systematic racism and to talk about the bad system that is in place right now and what needs to change so that black lives start mattering,” Mack said. They do not matter right now. They are being shot in their backs unarmed and policemen are not being held accountable. It’s very sad that we are in this situation.”

On March 18, two policemen shot and killed Stephon Clark, a 22-year-old unarmed black man, in Sacramento, California.

The killing triggered widespread protests in California.

Protestor, Katherine Roxlo explained why she was at the gathering and hopes that people will keep the spotlight on the growing issue of police shootings of black men.

“Black people are being prejudiced against,” Roxlo said. Their lives are being taken unnecessarily a lot of times without cause because of an inherent bias and prejudice that we might have without even realizing it. Black men are getting shot in the back, as they are running away, not advancing.”

The Black Lives Matter movement emerged after the shooting of an 18-year old African American man, Michael Brown in August 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri and ultimately leading to nationwide protest and continued efforts to this day.

Muhammad Javed/SCC
The protestors showing their signs to people passing by