A look at fashion


Paige Vannarath/SCC

Diana Mustafa showing her outfit for the day

America is known for its evolving fashion trends and freedom of self-expression when it comes to style.

While there has been a long trend of following fashion do’s and don’ts, acceptance and admiration for underground style and embracing different forms of expression has become a part of our culture.

Reni Boediarti, an international student studying at Scottsdale Community College pursuing business management, expressed her opinion on fashion and how it empowers women.

“We can continue the “fashion for all body shape” campaign such as this trending hashtag #BeBodyAware campaign which socialize that was created by [model Tia Duffy] who said that fashion should be accepted by all body types, not only small sizes figures that shown in magazine fashion shoot or fashion ads,” Boediarti said.

Boediarti feels it will motivate other women to be more confident about themselves by accepting what they have. Fashion should be universal; fashion is for everyone.

Boediarti went on to share some of her favorite fashion trends.

“Retro fashion in 70’s, colorful outfit in the 80’s and grungy fashion trend in 90’s,” Boediarti said. “Those are my signature style. I love wide leg pants, retro printed top, flare jeans, neon color outfits, leather jacket, shredded denims and docmart’s or boots.”

Saad Abuhamdieh,, a theater student at Paradise Valley Community College, believes that fashion has a great influence on one’s self confidence and projection, regardless of how judgmental people can be.

“People are still judgey, like that’s off brand or not something I would buy – but it’s like, I feel the best about myself when I wear my gold chain. I always be repping Nike, you know how we do, and it’s a good day,” Abuhamdieh said.

Paige Vannarath/SCC
Saad Abuhamdieh giving us an example of his everyday style

Chloe Schneider, student of the arts at Scottsdale Community College, likes how fashion is ever


“I feel like fashion is based off of past eras. Different eras are popping out,” Schneider said.

Schneider believes that when it comes to fashion, people look up to their inspirations whether it be rock stars or famous actresses – and that while it is fun, it can sometimes be detrimental to one’s own self-esteem.

“Not everyone has the same body type, and your person – your hero you look up to might look the opposite of you,” Schneider explained. “It bounces back to body positivity. So fashion is negative and positive in that sense because it can make someone feel good but you’re also sort of under pressure if you don’t look a certain way,” she said.

Cholly Robertson, avid creative writer at Scottsdale Community College, tries not to focus too much on the negativity that can come along with embracing who you are and being yourself.

“It can be materialistic. But I like dressing different, I always did. I like unique pieces,” Robertson said.

Fashion means something different to everyone. It’s a way to say something without talking. A way to express one’s emotions. A statement to stand for. Or simply to feel comfortable in the way we dress.