Students discover “Artie Has Heart” for community service and personal growth


Photo courtesy of Scottsdale Community College

Student Volunteers for “Artie Has Heart” event

Adrea Rustandie, Reporter

The “Artie Has Heart” event on Oct. 12, at Scottsdale Community College garnered more than 170 volunteers ready to give back to the community.

The session opened with Dr. Becky Bradley, the co-chair and director for Service Learning and Leadership and explained that the Artie Has Heart event was designed to take students out into the community and make a difference.

“They can apply what they are learning, discover themselves and meet new people through volunteering. My ultimate goals are the experience is one that meaningful enough to do it again serve the community,” Bradley said.

For the first time since 2013 the event has collaborated with Vista del Camino and Arizona Foundation for Handicapped. There are a total of seven organizations active within the event including, Central Native Urban and Wildlife, Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, Feed My Starving Children, Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary and Maricopa County Animal Care and Control which always participate every school year in fall and spring.

Edward Weigand, the administrator for Central Native Urban and Wildlife help students get involved in aiding the organization as well as learning about nature and the biodiversity on campus. The project theme is to enjoy nature and help to build a house for the burrowing owl.

Students responded favorable to the Artie event as an opportunity to meet new people and find a passion to serve the community.

“I have so much fun at Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary, we fed the rabbit, cleaned. the cages. I feel I just make a difference and happy to meet new people, it brings a different atmosphere for me. I also did “Feed My Starving Children” to help pack the meal before but this is my first time volunteering at Artie Has Heart and I really want to come back to the next event in Spring,” said Scottsdale Community College student, Emily McNeill.

The event has grown every year and Bradley said that it’s always exciting to get more people involved in the organization.

Artie Has Heart has been running since 2013 and is held twice a year.

The next Artie Has Heart event will be held in the spring of 2019.

For a chance to give back to the community through a unique experience, students can register at  Get Connected.