Creative ideas for self-isolating



Reading a book can increase your knowledge and pass time during self isolation

Ivana Venema-Nunez, Reporter

Related stress induced by overflowing, updating news on the coronavirus has caused anxiety among nearly everybody in the past week as local governments call for states of emergency and recommend self isolation to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19.

To occupy your time during “self isolation”, many sources are providing tips such reading a book, starting online courses to learn new skills or even cleaning your home thoroughly.

The NHS website has stay at home advice for when you or a roommate have symptoms.

“If you have symptoms of coronavirus, you’ll need to stay at home for 7 days.”

The site also states that if your roommate or partner also shows symptoms then 14 days of self isolation is necessary.

Creative ways of passing abundant free time could be acquiring new hobbies like gardening, taking your pets on long walks or learning new skills online, like how to edit videos.

On Youtube there are influencers who may not see a difference in their work load or already may live in “self isolation”, since this mode of income is that exact lifestyle.

Many influencers are taking this abundant free time to produce calm and creative  entertainment for their viewers.

Jenna Marbles, one of the oldest Youtube persona, posted a video yesterday stating that in high stress moments, watching dog videos on Youtube is what calms her.  So she made her own dog video.

The video now has 1M views with an overwhelming amount of positive comments. One commenter stated, “I didn’t realize how badly I needed this until I started crying.”

Another commenter stated, “Thank you Jenna. I really needed this right now. I’m so worried with everything going on because my boyfriend has no immune system so this has just been very scary. Dogs make everything better and I may or may not have cried.”

Mikeyy or Glam&Gore, a FX makeup artist, who has has also made her platform on Youtube big, stated in a video that she posted today, that since she is practicing self-isolation, she decided to decorate her living room in Halloween decorations because that is what brings her joy.

A viewer of that video posted an inspiring comment.

“I’ve had probably the worst possible 2 weeks of my life. You constantly make me so happy and inspire me everyday. I’m going to film school next year because you got me into doing special effects. Thank you for being the best role model,” the viewer said.

Creativity may be running high now, since the time is abundant.  Periods of self isolation caused by this negative situation can certainly be taken as an opportunity to create new hobbies, relaxing habits, and a hygienic culture for future generations.