Phoenix Suns show resilience in win against Memphis Grizzlies


Michael Tipton (Flickr)

Devin Booker delivered from the line to clinch the game on Thursday

Daniel Moreno, Reporter

The Suns bounced back from a Saturday loss to the Indiana Pacers,  showcasing their ability to overcome past shortcomings in a 122-99 win against the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday.

It looked like the Suns had a point to prove against Memphis last night at Phoenix Suns Arena after a sloppy game against the Pacers, when they turned the ball over 16 times and shot below 40% from 3-point range.

Phoenix began right where they left off Saturday against Indiana with a disappointing first quarter. Issues with defensive rebounds and scoring made it seem like they were destined to continue with the same struggles as their last game.

However, as the second quarter came to a close, it became clear that this Suns team isn’t going to just lay down when faced with adversity.

Suns center Deandre Ayton made up for his lack of defensive rebounding by showcasing his shot blocking abilities and contesting everything around the rim.  Skills that Suns fans hope to see nightly from the former Arizona Wildcat.

While the defensive end was cleaned up in the second quarter, the offensive side of the game looked better than ever. The Suns seemingly couldn’t miss, putting up a beautiful 36 point, second-quarter performance that would change the tide of the game for the remaining 24 minutes.

The Suns didn’t let their slow start define the game for them and also didn’t allow the lack of efficient shooting they experienced against the Pacers to affect their confidence shooting the ball against the Grizzlies.

Chris Paul led the way, as he has done so well this season, putting up an outstanding 9 of 11 from the field.

“You show me someone fine with losing and I’ll show you a loser,” Paul said.

Devin Booker followed in his steps with a 10 of 19 shooting performance that led to 27 points for the young talent.

“Our defense couldn’t catch up with them,” said Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins.

With the Suns looking at their first playoff berth in over 8 years, the question this season now becomes whether the team and especially the young players will be ready for an unfamiliar postseason.

After showing how well they can respond to loss and turn around to hold someone like Memphis point guard Ja Morant to only 15 points, the Suns are making a strong case for their playoff future.