Some businesses, countries requiring proof of vaccination before service


Marco Verch Professional Photographer (Flickr)

Some businesses and even whole countries are requiring proof of vaccination for certain activities.

Ole Olafson, Reporter

The proof of vaccination card that you get after receiving your COVID-19 immunization appears to be becoming more valuable by the moment.

More and more businesses and events are requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to enter or receive certain privileges like indoor dining.

In some places, the practice of allowing only the vaccinated has been going on for months.

Harmeet Kaur reported for CNN in May that organizers of the music festival Lollapalooza would require proof of vaccination or a daily negative test to attend the event.

Attendees of shows at New York’s famed and recently reopened Radio City Music Hall have also reportedly been required to prove they are fully vaccinated.

New York apparently has a voluntary app that provides digital proof of vaccination to make it easier to gain access to things that only immunized people are allowed to do.  According to the CNN report, it has been used at Barclays Center, Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium.

Greg Robertson reported for Travel Awaits, that whole counties are beginning to require proof of immunization for entry into bars, dining and most indoor activities.

Greece reportedly did so last week, as well as France.

Coronavirus numbers in Europe, as well as the United States and other countries are back on the rise.  Experts say the increase in new cases is largely due to unvaccinated individuals infected with the much more contagious Delta variant. published a story Monday, with details about the Oven+Vine restaurant and wine bar in Phoenix, which requires patrons to present proof of vaccination before ordering for indoor dining.

The owners of Oven+Vine are trying to protect immunocompromised family members, according to the report.

Regardless of the reason, as businesses attempt to create a safer environment for their customers and staff amid the Delta variant, your checklist of items before leaving the house may soon grow to keys, phone, wallet and proof of immunization.