2022 Vortex Awards at Scottsdale Community College expand to include visual arts and graphic design


Ole Olafson

The 2022 Vortex Creative Writing and Arts Journal

On April 28, Scottsdale Community College held its annual Vortex Awards ceremony in the Indigenous Cultural Center, a new and impressive addition to SCC’s campus.

SCC creative writing faculty member and Vortex coordinator Kim Sabin told NEVN that it was the first time that the awards have included categories in visual arts, such as  photography, sculpting, graphic design, and painting and drawing.

Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega opened the awards ceremony with an inspiring speech about the importance of art, and the implementation of art in the community of Scottsdale.  Mayor Ortega has designed multiple buildings across Scottsdale  and stressed the importance of art to the community.

“Scottsdale Community college is a big part in that beauty and reputation that Scottsdale exudes,” Mayor Ortega said.

Ortega also described what art can do for the individual and looked to encourage everyone in attendance.

“Art elevates all of us,” Ortega said.

In addition to the awards, there was added emphasis in honoring the indigenous students involved and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community that SCC resides in.  With the event being held in the Indigenous Cultural Center, Vortex saw it as important to hold a land acknowledgment with a member of the community and added an award to hear the voices of indigenous students.

The 2022 Vortex Award Winners 

Poetry – “Self Improvement” by Kristina Morgan

Photography – “Nest of Needles” by Lori Dortch

Creative Nonfiction – “The Perfume” by Stephen Rubin

Sculpture – “Emergence” by David Zwicky

Plays and Scripts – “The Madness Into Creativity” by Audri Fox

Graphic Design – “Michael You Would Fall” by Sunny Sabin

Painting and Drawing – “Dead Reckoning” (2022 Vortex Cover) by Beverly Robb

Short Story – “Pink Cadillac” by Kristina Morgan

Native Voices and Visions – “Graffiti Man” by Mateo TreeTop

This year’s awards also featured the design and publishing of the “Vortex Literary and Art Journal” by SCC students Nicule Kalucki and Gary Lidman , it is the first time the journal has been designed and printed  by students.

More information can be found at https://www.scottsdalecc.edu.