U.S. Senate candidate, Blake Masters supports GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham’s push for a federal ban on abortion

Republicans lied about supporting “state’s rights” abortion laws—including the king of flip-flopping, Az. U.S. senate candidate—Blake Masters


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Huge crowds gathered after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade in Pittsburgh.

Annalisa Toni, Reporter-Opinion

“Of course I support Lindsey Graham’s 15-week bill, and I hope it passes,” Masters told the Associated Press.

This is Az. U.S. senate candidate, Blake Master’s “latest “stance on abortion as he throws his support behind Lindsey Graham’s push for a federal ban on abortion.

Stay tuned, because one never really knows with Mr. Masters—this could change tomorrow.

On other issues, Masters has suggested privatizing Social Security and when that speech went public, Masters suffered negative backlash— in traditional Master’s fashion, he backed way off—realizing that it’s not a popular notion to privatize Social Security—especially in a state with one of the highest populations of senior citizens.

But the most frequent left-then-right-then-right again turns have been made on the Blake Masters abortion front.

Masters has called abortion rights advocates “demonic” and those who support abortion rights “a religious sacrifice to these people”…his stance on abortion change for Masters depending on what brings his campaign polling the most grief.

His flip flops are dizzying.

But Master’s latest revelation on abortion—at least for now—he supports Senate Republican Lindsey Graham’s bill for a federal ban on abortion.

The GOP pick for Az. senate has U-turns and flips that are impossible to keep up with and perhaps that’s just his campaign’s strategy—confuse Arizona voters.

Tracking the many twists of the Masters campaign is a bit like a Halloween maze—and equally scary.

During the primary in Arizona, rhetoric about the 2020 presidential election on the Blake Masters campaign website was listed as “a rotten mess” and, “If we had a free and fair election, President [Donald] Trump would be sitting in the Oval Office today.”

But according to CNN, Master’s election denials were removed.

This is one of several hardline stances that have simply vanished from the Master’s campaign website.

Softening and even making some stark about-face statements over issues that Master’s has voraciously asserted, on the record, appear to be his new campaign strategy.

But Mr. Masters may simply be taking a page from other GOP candidates that are veering off their own hardline lanes after losing ground on issues like federal mandates against abortion rights and even criminalizing birth control.

Blake Master’s references to pro-abortion rights as “demonic” came after Masters responded to a question posed to him on a podcast regarding banning abortion on a national level…when asked by the host, “Would you support a similar statue?” Masters replied,

“Yeah—it’s a religious sacrifice to these people, I think it’s demonic.”

Master’s campaign website, according to NBC News, has been overhauled, “rewriting or erasing five of his six positions” including a now deleted stance on the site that once stated support for “a federal personhood law (ideally a Constitutional Amendment) that recognized that unborn babies are human beings that may not be killed.”

Also removed, according to NBC News, the language that said, “I am 100% pro-life.”

Even though much of Master’s hardline rhetoric is nowhere to be found on his campaign website, the “demonic” statement regarding abortion rights, the privatizing of Social Security speech, the offensive references to affirmative action found within tweets and blaming Black people for America’s gun violence…remain on that early and rigid campaign map and—widely reported online.

For now at least, Masters supports Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s bill to place a federal ban on abortion.