“Scary Kari” (Lake)…all Trick—no Treat

Kari Lakes’ long list of loud-mouthed tricky and scary claims.

Nicole White, Reporter-Opinion

The Republican candidate for governor, Kari Lake, has served up plenty of tricky messages  during her campaign, but offered no treats at the door of truth and hard evidence.

Trick: No Ms. Lake, there was no election cover up or fraud in Arizona.

In fact, your own party agrees…there is no widespread evidence of election fraud.

Donald Trump lost.

Joe Biden won.

Trick: The NFL is not responsible for your ridiculous accusations and your mindless threats against them regarding pulling the Super Bowl from Arizona. But your continual annoyance and spews of a border “invasion”—that are simply untrue—may end up serving as a strong incentive.

Trick: Your scary claims that most fentanyl is being brought into Arizona by illegal immigrants—again—not true—most fentanyl brought into the country are from traffickers, not illegal immigrants and of those traffickers, 86.3 % were U.S. citizens.

Trick: When you said, after Roe v Wade was overturned—that it is now, a chapter where “we help women become the Mothers they were meant to be”—who exactly is “we”—and what happens to an Arizona woman that doesn’t want to be your definition of a “mother they were meant to be,” now—or—possibly ever?

Trick: When you endorsed a virulent antisemitic candidate in Oklahoma and then received widespread public backlash and tried to backpedal—why are so many members of the Jewish community and the public at large still hearing your campaign speech “code” language that is clearly antisemitic?

Trick: Why do you call yourself a Christian and compare yourself to Jesus, and then tell Arizonans that immigrants crossing the border are rapists and criminals?

You offer plenty of tricks—but no truth, and certainly no treats for Arizona.