Lake Pleasant Regional Park, a quiet retreat in the winter


Greyson Bacal

Sunset at Lake Pleasant

Greyson Bacal, Reporter

Just north of Phoenix and somewhat tucked away in the desert, is Lake Pleasant Regional Park.

Covering more than 20,000 acres, Lake Pleasant Regional Park is considered by many in the Valley, the hidden, and slightly unexpected treasure. in the middle of the desert landscape just north of Phoenix.

While the lake is usually bustling in the summer months (or spring break) with its inviting water activity— the winter offers a more quiet and reflective getaway.

Just inside the park and a bit to the west is the inviting lake that offers activities such as boating, swimming, fishing, camping, and hiking.

Northeast Valley News decided to spend some time at Lake Pleasant, actually, an entire night and the experience was a ‘pleasant’ surprise.

The Lake Pleasant Park itself offers 148 developed sites for RV and tent camping, plus shoreline camping as well and there are two overnight campgrounds in the park.

Roadrunner campground holds sites H1 – 75, and Desert Tortoise which holds sites 101 – 176. Sites are both developed and semi-developed. Both grounds have restrooms and shower facilities as well as a handful of amenities for each site itself.

Along the shore, the camping was peaceful and quiet, there was some trash scattered around from campers that didn’t clean up after their experience and occasional loud music filled the air from other visitors, but aside from that, the camping experience was serene.

Birds, ducks, and fish were sighted along with the sounds of burros in the surrounding areas as well.

Northeast Valley News spoke with frequent park visitor Lindsay Sherman, who has been enjoying Lake Pleasant since 1995.

“Oh yeah, I’ve gone camping here quite a few times, just around the lake,” Sherman  said. “I like this part of the valley, specifically, because I feel like there is mostly an off-road, outdoor demographic that lives up here, that’s one of the main reasons I like Lake Pleasant.”

Lake Pleasant Regional Park has the energy of a weekend getaway but within the distance of an hour away for most Phoenix residents.

Reserving a campsite ahead of time is highly recommended as spots fill up quickly.

For more information regarding reservations, activities, and park rules, visit their website.