Virtual Raves and Live stream DJ’s take over the internet since festivals are cancelled.


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12.28.2012 Armada Night At Exchange LA 2012

Sikia Meza, Reporter

Due to COVID-19 many events and festivals have been postponed due because of the stay-at-home orders in some states nationally and in some countries, internationally. However, Relentless Beats and Insomniac are offering live streams of favorite artists and creating virtual festivals, all from the commodity of the couch.

Relentless Beats have offered live streams from Dj’s such as Blossom, Sharp, and Lick, Gerry Gonza and many more. Given the  nature of social media this will allow an instant communication method to the DJ’s where you can ask questions in the comment box or leave reactions for others to see and interact with.

Watching the artist allows for any supporter of these concerts to relive or imagine themselves at a festival.

Northeast Valley News spoke to Elizabeth Munoz on how these live streams have helped during the quarantine.

“It’s helped me relax and kinda get back to my more happy self by listening to the music and it is a little awkward by yourself but it makes you miss and appreciate when one does go out to these festivals and I think once we go back we’re going to be super more appreciative and make the most of it” Munoz commented.

Insomniac is also providing live streams a rave-a-thon from Escape which is an electronic music festival held in California and this event is held around Halloween with a huge lineup.  As well as others such as Nocturnal Wonderland, Hard Summer and more.

Allie Rogers Spoke to Northeast Valley News about her opinion on these virtual raves, and if she enjoys them.

“I do enjoy them very much, and this is something that they haven’t done really before so it is interesting to see this and I do hope that they keep doing these live streams after this quarantine is over” Rogers commented.

Sikia Meza
Relentless Beats public announcement on cancelling concerts