Fountain Hills invites local artists to showcase their work


Jesse Milioto

Fountain by the event.

Jesse Milioto, Reporter

On February 23rd, Fountain hills showcased all forms of local art made from automotive parts made into landscape designs to woodworking sculptures.

Artist George Vakaleris spoke with Northeast valley news about his motivation to use metals in his work.

“With the automotive I really have been trying to capture the reflections of the metal and the shine”.Vakaleris said. “Before that, I was a landscape artist and I was really interested in the light and color and I combine these two things together to create a car and landscape work together”.

Vakaleris is not just limited to this kind of automotive art, that’s been his latest interest and hopes to explore more areas with the skills acquired.

John Schaller, an art appreciator and local artist spoke with Northeast valley news about his attendance with seeing other people’s art and noted the diversity and variety are what brings him back to this exhibit.

“I like seeing the creativity that people have,” Schaller said.

Schaller’s beginning appreciation for art was by making a table when he was young.

“I got a chainsaw when I was a kid and that’s what started this, it was a very large chainsaw,” Schaller said, “my first table was actually shaped of a butterfly”.

This event allows the artist to showcase their work and give people a chance to enjoy and appreciate the creativity of local artists.