Sneaky Big Studio offers local film production

Sneaky Big is a state of the art audio and video production facility in North Scottsdale. Since its opening in July 2016, it had endeavored to provide opportunities for lm students in order to build a talent pool in Arizona.

“The ultimate goal of Sneaky Big is to first to build Arizona as a film state,” stage manager and production specialist Tyler Whitman said.

Having Sneaky Big in Arizona with different landscapes a couple hours away eliminates the need to travel in order to use landscapes. The costs of traveling with a crew and equipment is quite expensive. Although Sneaky Big does not employ tax incentives, the studio cuts costs by lming some shots on Arizona Department of Transportation roads or state land, which is free. In doing so, the directors and producers do not feel as pressured because of production costs.

“There is a huge age gap between my age and the consistent lm workers in Arizona,” Whitman said. “Because a lot of those kids left, the graduated film class of 2010, until now, has left to L.A. [Los Angeles] because the work is in L.A.”

The equipment used at Sneaky Big’s facility is state of the art technology. Each room is equipped with select cameras and furnished with television screens to ensure broadcasting quality and production for commercials. There are 4K televisions, audio mix booths, voice over rooms and stage rooms. The studio even has a robotic pedestal camera that can be remote controlled from any other part of the building to adjust height and zoom.

Scottsdale Community College broadcast student Neo Makgetla recently visited the facility with others on a tour.

“The equipment that they have is insane, they are one of the best in Arizona already and they just started six months ago,” Makgetla said. “I believe that a lot of people from Arizona could get a lot of jobs from it. I think people don’t have a reason to go to L.A. or New York for [a] freelance job”

Sneaky Big is a local establishment located in Scottsdale, and Whitman says that Sneaky Big provides many of the amenities for those looking for production and post-production needs for a film project.